The role of the artist is to keep art alive
Creating in Conflict – Matthew Barton

Creating in Conflict

Documentary – 6min

In November 2022, three students studying at Lviv National Academy of Arts describe what its like to study and create art amid air-raid sirens and power outages.



Director: Matthew Barton
Producer: Anson Hartford / Banyak Films
Cinematography: Mathew Barton

Location Sound: Kateryna Herasymchuk
Editing: Mathew Barton
Additional Editing: Anson Hartford & Kateryna Zabulonska
Music: Luke Harris
Sound Mix: Simon Peter
Grade: Roland FliƟ@ Cinegrill Berlin

Producer ELIA: Derville Quigley
Executive Producer ELIA: Maria Hansen
Executive Producer Banyak Films: Hugh Hartford