Films – Matthew Barton
Creating in Conflict

Documentary – 6min

In November 2022, three students studying at Lviv National Academy of Arts describe what its like to study and create art amid air-raid sirens and power outages.



Feature Documentary (UK, Spain)

An ageing inventor living at the fringe of society makes one last attempt to achieve his most ambitious dream.



Documentary  – 37min

Six everyday scenarios play out in modern London summoning ideas of representation, spectacle and human behaviour.


Documentary (9min UK, France)

Adversity breeds escapism.
Exercise releases stress.

The impending eviction of the Calais Jungle experienced through the prism of the camp’s boxing club.

East 17 4LG

Portrait Documentary – 3min

Matt, a 27 year old butcher and artist awaits court after being involved in a violent brawl.

Ballet No9

Narrative Short – 1min

A classic coming of age story about a disembodied voice trying to find love in the world.


Feature Films, Short Films, & Branded Content Projects.